Civil and Structural CAD/BIM draughting using Autodesk or Bentley Products

OK so after producing drawings for far too long, starting with a drawing board using pen and pencil, to the latest BIM software. I think I am qualified to talk about "Drawing Presentation". Not CAD standards or how to do some obscure feat. Just how to produce a drawing that does the job it is intended to do and hopefully is easy to understand and pleasing to the eye.

In the good old days of using pen and pencil, spending a week on each drawing, The draffy had a recognised skill, and they were experienced at starting with a blank sheet of paper, and being able to picture the finished article before even starting.

Nowadays, too often the draffy is an inexperienced graduate from college, that made the mistake of admitting that they understand computers. They are presented with some CAD package and told to get on with it.Maybe more on that later.

These are the people I am targeting, to give them some idea of how to present a drawing that looks the part. Putting across the design intent in hopefully an easy to understand form.

I'll split the site into various sections (that I have not decided on yet) with various topics within each section.